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:::Glass Face:::

Hair - Makeup - Accessories - Clothing

-Glass Face-
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"Making first impressions fabulous!"

This is NOT a rating community. This is a community for any individual who enjoys discussing, learning, or sharing their tips and tricks on looking FABULOUS around the clock. This is a LAID BACK community, so bring a happy face, have a drink or a smoke if you're into that, and make a few new friends. Anyone of any race, sex, sexual preferance, religion, or where-abouts are welcome! If you are interested in joining, please take a few minutes to go over the community rules before doing so.

Glassface is currently...
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Anyone who fails to abide by the following rules, will be BANNED.

1. Do NOT harrass any of the members or the mods! Remember to use good manners and to be considerate of others. This is a friendly community!

2. Do NOT spam! This is not a promoting community, therefore, do NOT promote yours or anyone else's community here.

3. Do NOT talk lyke dis. Use good English please!

4. No cybering. No porn. No Bob likes it up the ass, please. :) Though things in this community may get mildly mature, there are certain lines we shall not cross.

5. When posting a product review, please use the given application here.

6. Be sure to let us know you exist! Give a short intro for yourself so everyone knows who and just how fabulous you are! Don't be shy! :)

7. Do NOT under any circumstances use any of the graphics here that aren't for promotional use.

8. If you would like to be a mod for the community, you need to fill out the given application here.

9. ADD Glassface TO YOUR FRIENDS LIST! Otherwise, you won't know what's new with the crew! DUHHHH! :D

10. If you are making a picture post (whoring), please put them under an LJ CUT! If they are NWS (not work safe), be sure to let us know in your post!


See? That doesn't seem so hard does it? Members are free to post as much and as often as they like so long as the topics are in relation to cosmetics, clothing, accessories, stores, hair, etc.

For help or more information, please feel free to contact Flara, the Glassface Maintainer, at any time.